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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using A Reusable Cup

Before you read this you have to know, whether you are a daily reusable user or have never used one in your life, I have been there, I feel you and I have seen the light of the reusable cup world.

The world is changing, I can remember a time when bringing your own cup almost had a sense of arrogance around it, like you knew better than the cafe that was serving you. Imagine bringing your own coffee beans and asking the barista to use those for your caramel mocha.. it really was like that!

But (thank goodness) things have changed, reusable cups are a staple, they're accepted absolutely everywhere and often encouraged with financial incentive.

Read these 7 reasons below (particularly the last one) and trust me, breaking a habit is NOT easy but once you get a reusable cup into your life you will never, ever look back!

Reduce Waste

I am going to keep this one short and free of statistics because I am not an expert, but I do know that all single use items like cups and lids unfortunately end up in a hole in the ground and that is not so good for our lovely earth, do some research and you'll see how bad it really is.

Every time you reuse your coffee cup you are throwing one less cup and lid in the ground, thats pretty cool!

Keep Your Coffee Hotter

Most reusable cups these days are going to provide more insulation than a paper cup, even a glass or ceramic reusable cup will keep your coffee hotter for longer.

The longer your coffee stays hot the better it will taste (for that period of time) hello road trip sippers!

Our Wildflower reusable cups are double walled, insulated stainless steel, I recently had to make a trip to Sydney [about 2 hours] and so I started my journey at Wildflower and ordered 2 coffees, both in our reusable cups, I went through the latte in the first 20 minutes or so then sipped on my long black the rest of the trip and I distinctly remember arriving at the destination and taking my final HOT sip of coffee from that cup.. ahh what a feeling!

Save Money

As I alluded to at the beginning of this article, many cafes will actually give you a discount on your coffee for bringing in a reusable cup, they are not only promoting the environmental benefits but they're saving a few cents on their cups and lids and passing that saving back to you! A win for everyone!

It Tastes Better

Plastic, paper and styrofoam cups + plastic lids are absolutely going to effect the taste of your coffee, and not for the better.

A stainless steel, ceramic or glass keep cup won't effect the taste of at all and it will wash up clean because the materials aren't soaking in any of the odours or liquids.

Not directly related to taste but the you choose your reusable cup you are also choosing the shape of the lid that will be touching your mouth, you may prefer a flat top or something with a bit more curve, it may not technically change the taste but it will sure change the experience.

They Look Amazing!

I meaann look at them!

Not just ours either, there are countless shapes, sizes and colours out there.

If you're going to take it with you everywhere, much like your phone case, handbag, or outfit decisions you want your coffee cup to reflect your personality.

Are you a all black everything matching kinda guy (me) or a bright and sparkly kinda gal (my wife Ri) either way there will be a reusable cup for you!


Some of my favourite stories to hear from our customers are the ones that have left their cups on the roof of their cars and found out the hard way. Now I'm not saying that it's going to keep the coffee in your cup (it's absolutely not) but durability means that if you're going camping, going on a hike or packing it for any kind of travel, your reusable cup is going to come out the other side looking exactly as it did when you packed it, even after hundreds of uses.

Save more money

Like I said, this is one you're going to want to read.

As a final encouragement and thank you for reading this, I am going to put a code: Reusable7 on our store so if you buy a reusable cup from us you can save 20%, just enter the code in the box on checkout.

It wasn't long ago that I was out of the habit of bringing my reusable cup everywhere, I still forget sometimes, but I can't tell you how good it feels to have all these benefits mentioned above at your finger tips all the time.

You might need one that fits into your bag, you might need 2 so one can live in your car or be on a wash rotation, you might even just need one that looks so good you're proud to hold it.

Whatever you need to get into the habit of carrying it with you go for it!

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