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Hi! We are Jack and Ri! 

Wildflower was born out of a need for creativity and a passion for serving our community.

Our mission is to help people realise their value and never miss a moment in the every day.

Wildflower is about risking it all, dreaming deep, chasing your passion and paving a new way.

In 2018 we dreamed up Wildflower Espresso and built it in 100 days; we blogged every single day so if you wanna have a read, check it here!

Wildflower Espresso is a coffee shop that aims to be, well, more than just a coffee shop. We like to think that we’re in the ‘people industry.’ Making incredible coffee is just something we do on the side. 

To us, the perfect coffee is that ‘eyes closed’ moment after the first sip - we’re committed to making the entire process of your morning coffee as glorious as it should be - friendly, fast service, comfortable atmosphere and seriously the perfect pour every single time! Yes!!

In 2020 we pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone once again and went all in (literally, we quit our jobs) on a creative retail space that combines a love of fashion, design and collaboration to give anyone and everyone a chance to represent and be a part of our Wildflower family.

This is Wildflower Space. 



You’ll find us at 71 Cowper Street, Wallsend

There’s lots of parking around us; on the street and across the road - all for free (hooray).

We’re very proud to be a part of the Wallsend neighbourhood, so we reckon Wildflower is the perfect addition to enjoy the area to the max; grab a coffee, have a treasure hunt in the op shops and enjoy the ever-growing, ever-changing community of Wallsend!


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Serving is our thing - we count it as an honour that we have the chance to make someone’s day! So what we sell is based around what YOU love.

We serve Glee Coffee, they love people [and coffee] just like us; they roast sustainable, ethical beans and hook us up with only the best! 

To make your morning coffee even better, we sell some top notch food, our world famous toasties, made from local ingredients, bagels toasted to perfection, as well as an ever-changing menu of ‘treat yourself’ worthy pastries, cakes and slices. Um, yes!