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120z Wildflower Reusable Cup


We love these cups so much!

12oz (350ml) of insulated stainless steel means your coffee will stay hot or cool for hours, we have adapted an improved these cups to perfection over the last 3+ years and we use them every single day.

The silicon lid and powdercoated paint finish are super durable, you can drop it, wash it and it will survive pretty much anything.. though it might not look as good on the other side.


We have already gone to the trouble of laser etching your favourite cafe's logo onto the side so you never forget where to go and grab your next delish coffee.


Care for your Cup:

Officially we do not reccommend you wash these cups in those powerful, unpredicable dishwashers, who knows what happens in there!

Unofficially we have tested them over and over in our personal dishwasher without trouble. 

Reusable Cup | 12oz

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