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Our Favourite Cafes & Coffee in Tokyo, Japan

Drinking coffee in our favourite spots in Tokyo, Japan

Heading to Japan and not sure where to start for a delicious coffee, we've got you covered!

As passionate caffeine consumers we have put in the hard work and tried the good, bad and the absolutely stunning coffee Tokyo has to offer!

There are no wrong choices when it comes to this list, just get to as many as you can whenever you can.

These are in no particular order, nor are they the only places you should go.

My recommendation; get a train to somewhere you havent been before, explore and find something new, that is where the real magic is.


I just had to start with this one, on our most recent trip to Japan we may have ended up at Streamer just about every single day. If you are looking for that authentic, coffee lover cafe, this is Streamer, and good news for you, though they are a locally owned business they actually have a tonne of locations around Tokyo and Japan.

If you want something with a bit of extra kick I recommend the Revolver Latte.

Our Favourites (we have spent many early mornings in) are Shibuya, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Over a couple of trips to Japan we have met with the owners and they have been so generous to share hours of coffee fueled conversation around coffee, business and community.


Another authentic little cafe snuck into a backstreet in Shibuya. These guys know how to make a cafe feel homely.

Though we have only ventured out to Woodberry once in our travels it has clearly left an impact, when I look back on it it rememeber absolutely delicious coffee, exoticsingle origins and fancy pour overs.

The food was also phenominal! (see the crazy breakky dish in the top photo)


Blue Bottle is hard to describe, it' s modern and clean aesthetic is second to none.

Unlike the two previous cafes that have that more thrown together, authentic homely feel, Blue Bottle is very sleek with clear systems and amazing coffee and pastries.

Better news, Blue Bottle has locations all over Tokyo and Japan and I would bet my houseblend that they will all serve up equally amazing coffee and treats.


You may be familiar with Supreme coffee, it originated in New Zealand and has since spread across to Australia and Japan. Supreme has a great little store in the back streets of Shibuya, Tokyo where you'll eat and drink scarishly close to the road and watch as the world goes by around you.

They have squeezed great coffee, treats and atmosphere into their little Shibuya shop.

So thats it, just a couple of our absolute favourite spots in Tokyo and beyond.

My biggest recommendation is that you take a train somewhere you haven't been, go for a walk and explore for yourself, as a small business owner myself I know how valuable it is to be found.

Eat and drink some delicious things then come back and tell me your experience below in the comments!

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