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10 Gifts For A Coffee Lover

Birthdays, Christmas, engagements, they all have something in common: gifts! For some, gift-giving is a true pleasure; it's a joy that comes naturally, and you probably already have a great selection of gifts in your gift cupboard at home.

This is not me.

And if this is you, let's be honest; you probably won't get much out of this. For those of us who can't make decisions and just can't quite pick the perfect thing for the one they love, assuming the one you love also has a love of coffee, you are in luck!

Each one of these products we personally own (or have owned) and have used in the right context, and they're all game-changers!

The first of a couple of styles of coffee maker in this list, the Aeropress is a relatively cheap and easy to use way to make an incredible espresso. All you need is a little hot water and some coffee beans and you are able to make a quality Aeropress coffee wherever and whenever!

Another more budget friendly option (you'll soon find out the coffee world is expensive) this is the gift that keeps on giving. For a coffee lover, storing coffee well is vital to its survival and flavour retention, plus these Airscape containers are very aesthetic.

We actually gifted one of these to our brother and he has been using it for years now. would recommend.

What good is the perfect brew without the perfect vessel, if it can't stay hot or cold and feel nice to drink from thats half the joy already gone! Obviously we are a little biased with this one but the perfect reusable cup or tumbler genuinely makes such a difference to the whole coffee drinking experience.

Expensive.. yes, but the moccamaster is the most used item on this whole list for us.

We have had one of these on our bench for the last 5-6 years, churning out thousands of delicious cups, it's so easy that it's hard to go wrong with a Moccamaster. Take my word for it, they are actually that good.

Maybe this one goes without saying, but a coffee lover needs coffee... We personally use Glee Coffee and whether you buy a single bag or a 6 month subscription you can trust Glee to provide the goods to your coffee loving companion.

For the coffee loving camper! The Bellman is not cheap, nor easy to use buuuut thats kind of the fun of it. Much like an AeroPress all you need is some water and a heat source and you can make a professional quality espresso shot THEN steam your milk on it! Crazy and super cool.

Moccamaster a little too much? This is the perfect, smaller, cheaper, manual way to make a delicious pour over coffee!

If you have never used a gooseneck kettle before it's hard to explain the joy you get from that thin controlled flow. The good thing is you don't have get it, you just have to know that the coffee lover in your life is going to appreciate it.

If the electric version is a little too expensive you can save a bit of money with a stovetop version, still very satisfying!

Coffee lover already got all the gadgets? Sounds like the kind of person that would like to rub it all over their body.

Seriously though, a little left field and it won't actually make you a coffee, but a great gift none the less!

Much like the gooseneck kettle it's hard to understand why you need scales to measure your coffee, but you just have to trust the process, measuring your beans down the the gram is a vital part to making the perfect brew so you're going to need a good little scale!

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