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Our Favourite Cafes & Coffees In Melbourne

Looking for the best cafe / coffee experience in Melbourne? Look no further, we have done the hard work for you and tried as many as we could over many years.

There are no wrong choices when it comes to this list, just get to as many as you can whenever you can.

I should also say these are in no particular order, nor are they the only places you should go, get out for a walk, explore and find something new, then let us know in the comments where it is!


What an absolute vibe to kick us off.

Everything about ST. ALi just makes you feel good. In our experience the customer service (something we are VERY passionate about) has always been second to none, partner that with ever evolving seating areas and that "thrown together" cafe vibe, ST. ALi is 100% a must go if you're anywhere near it in Melbourne.

Personal brekky recommendation is the Mexican Cousin, it's corn fritters and they're next level, you will not be disappointed

LUNE Croissanterie

This one is a little different but deserves to be on this list no less. Lune Croissanterie as implied by the name make THE greatest croissants you'll ever have, get in early and expect to line up but it will be worth it. We recommend heading to Fitzroy where you can watch them make the croissants in this absolutely wild glass box.. just look at the photo, its so cool.

The coffee is also amazing and the aesthetic inside is so minimal and neat, it's super inspiring to be in.

Kettle Black

Kettle Black is a cafe that is [seemingly magically] built into a small heritage house which is also within another more modern building.. I don't know just go look at it, its amazing.

Along with its 2 sister cafe's Top Paddock and Higher Ground, Kettle Black is an absolute dream of a space, all 3 feature a spacious area, amazing aesthetic and very similar menu (if not exactly the same.. I'm not sure)

We have only ever had incredible experiences there. Lovely coffee and delish food all around.

The pancake for breakfast is 100% our recommendation.

Manchester Press

Manchester Press is the iconic "Melbourne alleyway cafe" you've been hearing about.

Unassuming from the outside but once you step in you're welcomed into a warm lit, large space with a industrial style furnishings filling it.

The coffee will be incredible, the food is all oh so delish, you will have a great experience.

I can never go past the bacon, maple banana Bagel with Popcorn.

Be prepared to put your name down and wait out the front if you come at a busier time.

Bowery to Williamsburg

Bowery to Williamsburg is a cool little underground cafe that we have actually only been to two or three times but each time it was such an inspiring experience, so inspiring in fact that elements of our cafe Wildflower Espresso were inspired by it.

A small space that leaves a big impact, lots of tiny tables packed into corners you wouldn't think they would fit, the busyness and music makes it such a vibe that it just feels homely in there.

Loaded Bagels, great coffee and good times are a staple at Bowery to Williamsburg

So thats it, 5 of our absolute favourite spots in Melbourne!

As mentioned at the start, there are always new places to find opening up in Melbourne, my biggest recommendation is that you take a tram somewhere you haven't been, go for a walk and explore for yourself, as a small business owner myself I know how valuable it is to be found.

Eat and drink some delicious things then come back and tell me your experience below in the comments!

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