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Beat ALL the Social Media Algorithms

You're looking to grow on social media, you have put in the work, taken a photo, wrote a script, started a business, edited a video, whatever it is you want people to see it! Here's how to give yourself the best chance.

Time to Grow

Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or any other platform, they all have these key things in common that will help you understand how to beat this all encompassing, mighty algorithm.

So here it is, plain and simple. They are businesses. (and big ones at that)

Which means as much as they may lead you to believe they exist to have some fun, encourage creativity, skyrocket small businesses, better the world and help people they really have the same common goal.

Any guesses? Yea.. its $$

Armed with this knowledge, all the finer details of the algorithms no longer really matter because you know their goal.

Put simply: They make money by maximising the amount of people using their platforms and the time they spend on them.

So your job is to bring people to the platform and make them stay there, here's how.

And again, keep in mind these applies to every single platform.

Or tell me how I am wrong in the comments below, I like learning too

1. Post Valuable Content

This, in my opinion, is the most important of the 3 points.

Posting the same photo on iInstagram 5 times a day for a week will not get you anywhere, they want to see that your posts attract people AND keep them looking for as long as possible. Remember that goal we just spoke about.

Your posts should bring value to the consumer on the other end, and then continue to engage them for as ling as possible.

2. Post A Lot

Bring people back for more, that means more content! The more you post (with value) the more opportunities you have to engage new users, new fans, the platform will love to see people viewing more of your content then just that one viral post.

This seems simple but it might just be the hardest one and it is completely necessary for growth, post a lot and be patient because momentum takes time.

3. Use the Platforms Features

These platforms are always trying to find an edge, find a way to stand out from the competition so they're always coming out with updates and new toys for you to play with.

It might be Instagram Reels or Youtube timestamps (whatever I write here will be completely outdated in about a month) Have a scroll, see what new feature the platform is trying to push and do that!

They will be pushing those posts out more than anything else because they need information, they need to see if its going to work or not. Long story short, play with their new toys.

Thats it! Simple right?

For better to worse, social media is such a powerful tool so we may as well make the most of it.

The hardest thing can be starting, at Wildflower we have gone through periods of time without posting anything to our socials and when you're in those periods it feels like nothing is worth it, there's nothing to post.

But once you get into the flow of it you will love it, you'll be coming top with ideas everywhere you look

It might not be easy but work at it, keep posting, keep coming up with good ideas and keep bringing value to those platforms. You will grow because you're helping them to grow.

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