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YouTube Channels That Inspire Us!

This is the first of a series of articles we'll be writing about things that inspire us.

First up, Youtube, Google's gigantic online video platform, it is a whole wild world out there that you may not have much experience in, but today we are hopefully going to change that!

I would have to consider myself an expert on Youtube.. I watch it a lot, I have a channel myself but mostly I am SO inspired by YouTubers and so many Youtube channels that I struggled to write this article about only a few. But here goes..

Honestly, It's crazy to say but I owe a whole lot of what I do with my life to YouTube. I have worked in design, videography and marketing for about 10 years and never studied a course in any of them.

To this day I use Youtube to teach/ remind myself how to create a certain effect in Photoshop, transition in Final Cut or more practically speaking a few weeks ago I replaced a friend's side mirror on her car with a little help from.. you guessed it, Youtube.

If you haven't dabbled in the online video world before then I really encourage you to, anything and everything is out there and free for your consumption, this is just a little kick start for those who have no idea where to begin!

These are channels that inspire us specifically, so hopefully we can pass on the inspiration from a couple of these onto you too. (but if not I put an even longer list down the bottom)

Little King Goods - Satisfying Leather Goods Creation

Ryan James is a Canadian Youtuber with a channel (and business) dedicated to his leather making craft.

Talk about inspiration, watching any one of his videos will make you want to quit your job, go out and make something. They are so satisfying to watch and beautifully shot, I cannot explain it in words, you just have to watch a video and see for yourself. As a business, it is just Ryan, he hand makes every one of his pieces and his materials are all sourced ethically and fair trade.

This one you'll have to just go and have a look for yourself, whether you think you are interested in leather goods or not, sit back, relax and fall in love with his creations.

Rachel Catherine - Vlogs, Fashion, Books and Lifestyle

Welcome to the world of Rach, an Australian Youtuber/ vlogger that we absolutely love. Rachel posts vlogs of her life and her passions. Specialising in beauty, books, fashion and lifestyle, watching Rach you'll feel like you're just spending the day hanging out with your best friend.

We came across Rachel close to a year ago when she posted a video unboxing packages from 10 small businesses she had bought from, and one of them just so happened to be Wildflower.

Rach inspires us so much, in an online world where so much of what you see is the shiny, beautiful highlight reel, Rach gives you a real and raw look into her life, with an absolutely meticulously organised diary and a contagiously positive perspective we love every bit of it.

Matti Haapoja - Filmmaking, Learning, Life

Matti is a Finnish/ Canadian Youtuber that makes videos on filmmaking, learning, life and inspiring people to get out and give their passions a go.

His hilarious and positive personality is so fun to witness while he teaches you something or brings you along on a day in his life, Matti is one of the greatest story tellers and communicators I have ever come across.

"I use YouTube to help creators and filmmakers take their content to the next level through inspiring cinematics, practical know-how, and relevant tools so they can create the best possible films."

As a filmmaker myself I find Matti's videos so inspiring (whether he is teaching about video production or not) he has such a quality perspective on life that you just can't help but get around. Again, another YouTuber that makes you want to get out and do stuff. Amazing!

Where to start: What's In My Camera Bag

Ryan Trahan - Social Experiments and Experiences

Ryan Trahan is one of the most hilarious, positive people that you'll witness on Youtube, he brings you along on a journey whether it be spending a night in the worlds smallest hotel or living for a whole week on just 1 penny (we'll get back to this) Ryan has a way of bringing you along for the ride in a uniquely positive and inspiring way.

Ryan recently completed a challenge where he travelled across (literally) America starting with just a penny, over 30 days he made friends, worked jobs and travelled across the country while raising money to provide meals for the homeless in America, how many meals? Just a casual 13.9 Million!

I cannot explain the way you feel watching Ryan go through these experiences, you just have to watch.

Thats about it, these are just some of the channels that inspire us and I hope they get the chance to inspire you too!

Either way Youtube is such a deep universe of content I know there will be something out there for you too. I'll put a list below of a few more very niche channels that I love, feel free to check them out too or let me know in the comments below what you favourite Youtube channel is!

Be inspired to learn and do more of what you love!


Good Good - Golf (but way freakin' better)

Chris Ramsay - Puzzles and Magic

Mark Rober - Science and Learning

Stuff Made Here - Engineering

Mike Boyd - Learning Skills

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