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The Review Cap


We wanted to make an apparel piece to commemorate Review Month 2024.

Thinking long and hard about it we thought "Let's put a real life Google review on a hat!" After going over some ideas it felt wrong to put a 5 star amazing review on our own hat so we found another one..

It is very real, and it's undeniably true and we thought also pretty funny.


After a little work we had the review made into a woven patch (fancy) and put it on the dad cap you guys all know and love!


The Review Reads:

"very popular but you sit outside in a very untidy spot in an old seems good but the venue is freezing in winter and boiiling in shelter from rain..."


Thanks Jayne..


It's a bit of fun, we haven't done this to promote or encourage negativity in any way, sometimes it's just important to be able to laugh at yourselves.

(plus the hat actually looks awesome)

The Review Cap

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