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The Wildflower Championship Cap

This NBA Championship inspired cap was originally created especially to celebrate Wildflower Space's 2nd birthday, this year, on our 3rd Birthday we had to bring it back with a whole new design!


It's no exaggeration to say that running this business for 3 years feels like winning a championship, small business is a hard slog and at the same time a dream come true.


The high quality embroidery features a big Wildflower logo with "Back to Back to Back 21 22 23" our 3 years of business.


We see this business with a huge vision for the future, we know these hats are something special and going to go down in history along with many more years of Wildflower.

Below the main graphic reads "Changing the World" our ambitious goal of Wildflower since day one, every single interaction changes the world for the better.


We only made 25 of these so get in quick and grab yourself a peice of Wildflower history.

The 2023 Championship Cap

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