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Kindness Worldwide Oversized Tee | Limited Print


Spreading kindness across the world like a thunderstorm.

The story behind this graphic was originally this cartoony looking world with paint dripping over it, illustrating the same message of spreading goodness and kindness across the whole world.

I couldnt make it work without it looking like a junior school art project so I played around with other ways of covering the earth and this is what eventuated.

You know how intimidating it is when a big storm is rolling in.. yeah, thats us.. but its a warm feeling instead.


By making someone's day with a little word or act of kindness that can have an infintely huge impact on the world. We really do believe that.


All our Wildflower tees ethically and sustainably constructed.

We prioritise these ethical decisions and do our best to make sure that when you support us you are also supporting Australian business and ethical practice.

If you see an opportunity for us to do this better please let us know!


If you're unsure about which size to buy check out the size guide (in the images)

Sizes and quantities are limited and will not be restocked


Kindness Worldwide | LIMITED

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