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Kind Is Cool | Oversized Tee | Limited


"Kind is cool" has been a Wildlfower staple since the beginning, in fact, every shirt we have ever sold has kind is cool written on the tag.

It's nothing revolutionary, we didn't even make it up, but in it's simplicity is a strong message that if everyone took into their every day it would change the world for the better!


This tee features a super soft, waterbased, all over print (this is surprisingly hard to pull off) with lots of hand drawn motifs you may recognise as a part of our Wildflower brand and values.


We LOVE this tee and can;t wait to see it on you!


All our Wildflower tees ethically and sustainably constructed.

We prioritise these ethical decisions and do our best to make sure that when you support us you are also supporting Australian business and ethical practice.

If you see an opportunity for us to do this better please let us know!


If you're unsure about which size to buy check out the size guide (in the images)

Sizes and quantities are limited and will not be restocked

Kind Is Cool | Oversized Tee | LIMITED

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