The perfect gift doesn't exi....


Gift someone the gift of Coffee, any size, style and flavor they want!

If they want a A large almond iced caramel choccy mocha with 2 sugars (no judgement) we'll do it!

Not only will they reiceve 10 free coffees of their choosing, when they order we'll say "Wow! Who gave you that!?" they will tell us your name and we will assure them that you are the greatest Friend/ Husband/ Sister/ Mother/ Boss that we know!

AND thats not all! they get a priceless, collectable 24k gold* foiled 300gsm card and we throw that in for free.


This card is redeemable at Wildflower Espresso Wallsend.


*we havent technically tested if its 24 karat gold but it sure looks like it!

Gift Card - 10 Coffees