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500ml Party Cups | 4 Pack


Sooo yeah, these are going to change your life!

500ml of stainless steel cuppy goodness with Wildflower stamped into the side.. and you get 4 of them!!


To be honest, we have been testing these cups for the last few months and they have completely replaced our home glasses for day to day use, every day is a party in our house!


Use them daily, take them camping, picnicing, indoor, outdoor, iced coffee, fresh soda with lime ahh the choices are endless.

Not to mention an incredible gift!


Care for your Cup:

Officially we do not reccommend you wash these cups in those powerful, unpredicable dishwashers, who knows what happens in there!

Unofficially we have tested them over and over in our personal dishwasher without trouble. 

500ml Party Cups | 4 Pack

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