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Oubaitori 桜梅桃李 | Wildflower Limited Tee


Oubaitori 桜梅桃李 (oh-buy-toe-ree) is a Japanese word that is so powerful we cannot easily put it into words in English, the word itself is made up of the 4 kanjis for the 4 japanese blossoms that bloom in spring, cherry, plum, apricot and peach.


The meaning is that each flower blooms in its own time.

It’s a reminder that each one of our journeys are unique.

Oubaitori is the acceptance of not comparing yourself to others and focusing on your own growth.


There is no straight path through life and oubaitori is a reminder of taking those pressures away.


Never stop being you.


Wildflower Limited means this tee will never be printed again.

Our Wildflower tees are vintage inspired and designed for everyday use, they'll fade and change over time and look better the more you wear them!


We prioritise these ethical decisions and do our best to make sure that when you support us you are also supporting Australian business and ethical practice. If you see an opportunity for us to do this better please let us know!

Wildflower Limited | Oubaitori 桜梅桃李 Tee

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