Take it with your everywhere! The Wildflower Everything Notebook.


The most portable and carryable (it's a word) book we make for your every. single. day.


We can't wait to see what you use the Wildflower Everything Notebook for, write a book, a poem, lyrics to a song, draw pictures, scribble down dreams or take evidence notes on your latest stake out... the opportunities are literally endless!

This book should look so rough by the time you're done with it you'll have to put it in a zip lock bag before storing it away


A5 size, 30 pages of unlined (or boundary-less as we call it) 100gsm ivory pages ready for well.. everything.

Black Recycled cardboard outer, laiden with a 24 karat gold Wildflower logo to remind you where to buy the next one when you finish.. ok it might not be the whole 24K but it looks incredible!


The EverythingBook dream:

This book isn’t for collecting dust on your desk, take it with you everywhere, be inspired, dream deeper and create more. Every dream, starts with a little idea. Capture EVERYTHING.