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Rise & Shine | Limited Print


This is a tee we have been so excited to show you!
We wanted to create this super fun 90’s inspired tee but couldn’t come up with the right words for it. I remember us sitting around our kitchen bench at home when Ri said it “Rise & Shine” it was instantly perfect and we both knew it, it is encouraging and perfectly describes Wildflower and what we are all about.

Every day we rise, go out and shine into your world!


This tee features a super soft washed cotton and insanely nice waterbased print.


All our Wildflower tees ethically and sustainably constructed.

We prioritise these ethical decisions and do our best to make sure that when you support us you are also supporting Australian business and ethical practice.

If you see an opportunity for us to do this better please let us know!


If you're unsure about which size to buy check out the size guide (in the images)

Sizes and quantities are limited and will not be restocked


Rise & Shine | LIMITED

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