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Introducing the Wildflower 2L Insulated Drink Bottle


It's time to flex on all your friends that think its acceptable to carry around anything less than 2 litres of crystal clear perfectly insulated water... In all seriousness these things are freakin' awesome!


The Wildflower Insulated Drink bottle will hold 2 Litres of water and keep it super cold (or hot if you're into that kind of thing) literally all day!

Put it next to your bed, take it to the gym, leave it in your car, no matter the environment the Wildflower insulated drink bottle will feel privilaged that you chose it to hold your water until you need it most.


Allow us to change your life forever by buying a Wildflower Insulated Drink Bottle


Made from double walled, insulated stainless steel with an air tight screw on lid, powder coated finish and Wildflower laser etched into the side, oh boy they look good!

Get it in Black or Wildflower Pink!


Care for your Bottle:

Officially we do not recommend you wash these bottles in those powerful and unpredicable dishwashers, who knows what happens in there!

Unofficially we have tested ours over and over in our personal dishwasher without trouble.

2L Insulated Drink Bottle

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